Autoland bug?

I was in a 737-bbj on a gps approach runway 23 at KNUC and the system kept on making me turn so i would go directly over the airport. I dont know what it was doing

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Are you sure you didn’t have KNUC 05 GPS selected?

Yup im aure it said gps KNUC* Runway 23. What does that star thing mean

What was your speed? You shouldn’t be going faster than 160 kts on short final

I was 132 knots 30 degree flaps and a 15 percent load

Full flaps.

That overshoot happened on my first approach to KNUC as I’d forgotten to watch my altitude. I was madly decending (much too fast), and the autoland couldn’t handle it.

However, all my subsequent autolands @ KNUC were perfect once I’d set up my approach correctly.