Autoland AutoBraking

Is this what actually happens in the real world? Bc it automatically applies the parking brake upon touchdown, which I believe is totally unrealistic and decelerates the aircraft too rapidly.
I don’t even think progressive brakes are applied till below 60 kts gs during real landings…

I’m considering making a feature request to remove this aspect of autoland, but I don’t know if it’s even valid. thats why I’m asking here


You could just turn off the brakes the second it touches down.

that’s what I do but then i have to take my finger off the throttle, but my point is to improve realism since it’s pretty annoying

@Captain_Oblivious, there was a similar conversation about this topic that may provide some incites that we had on here earlier to check out.


oh wow how did i miss this

The solutions is just to hand fly, it’s way more fun AND realistic that way, as auto land is almost never used irl.

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