Autoland / Approach Mode Documentation


Autoland/Approach Mode is a new feature that was added in August 2015 starting by the 737-BBJ. It only is available on a few airplanes for now because of the complexity of the system. We will gradually roll it over to other airplanes.

Just like in real life, systems have limitations, the autoland system in Infinite Flight isn’t design to magically get the airplane to the runway in any circumstances. The system has limitations and things to know about. This article outlines the most important ones.

- Limitations:

  • 15 kts crosswind
  • 30 kts headwinds
  • 5 kts tail wind
  • Maximum airport altitude: 5000ft
  • Interception course with Localizer 45 degrees max
  • Landing configuration set 5NM out (final approach speed, gear down, full flaps, spoilers ARM, no changes past 5NM)
  • 200 kts max speed during entire approach
  • Spoilers in ARM mode
  • No de-crabing is done by the system, pilot is responsible for alignment upon touchdown
  • Designed for full stop landings only
  • Terrain avoidance is the pilot’s responsibility
  • Standard ILS Approaches only (3 degrees slope max. Will not work at EGLC for example)

Difference between ILS and GPS:
ILS Approaches are extracted from real life data. If you are on a red approach, there’s a guarantee that there will be no collision with terrain throughout the approach
GPS Approaches are not extracted from real life and are simply a projection of the runway centerline to create a “fake” localizer with a glideslope set for a 3 degrees descent. This of course does not guarantee that you will not hit terrain during the approach.

Airplane has trouble stabilizing:

  • Adjust approach speed (recommended 130 kts for 737/BBJ with full flaps at 25% load)
  • Check winds
  • We recommend to lock the approach you want prior to engaging the Approach mode
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Can’t wait for it to be out on iOS!!


soon come Joe

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Slight learning curve but I think it is great on the iPad2 that I use.


Actually I believe APPR works with those also.


You might want to update this, as it is out on the A320…


It’s the same.

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I mean where it says that it is only on one aircraft (737-700BBJ).


It was made when the 737 BBJ launched. I don’t think he’s updated it to say “737 BBJ and A320” yet.


It says “starting by”, It doesn’t say “only the BBJ”.


@Rotate it did say that it was only the BBJ before…


Will this be implemented into the tbm930? that would be amazing, I think the tbm has this in real life. Thanks for the tbm.

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