Autoland/ appr

when i engage appr will ap control my speed for me so bring it down for a nice speed for landing ?

No. It wouldn’t sadly. Your best bet is to do the throttle on your own


okay thank you

have you landed at egkk at all on the sim

It’s the same procedure at every airport.

Yes I have. But, we’re starting to get off topic

have you landed on 26L coming from the south on the star do you not think it’s a late turn to be able to line up?

Which STAR specifically?

Sometimes it’s on the pilot to take themselves off the flight plan and intercept on their own - not all airports have STARs that perfectly line you up.

Also, here’s everything you need to know about APPR:

There’s no hating going on at all, @PilotChrisSG has a valid point that we can all draw from. This community has an abundance of information and many of the questions we ask have already been answered and are readily available on the forum.

Autoland doesn’t control speed or flaps. Use speed AP for that.
Additionally, if you are doing a full autoland, set landing flaps early. Autopilot reacts poorly to flaps changes.

I find, on the A320 at least, that manual speed control is best with approach mode… Using AutoPilot speed control causes some too rapid throttle movements, which can turn a nice steady descent into a bucking bronco ride!

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