Autoland and parking brakes

I have flown a few full autoland finals now… I’m a little concerned about part of the autoland process as is.

Can anyone confirm whether autoland systems in real life engage the parking brakes? It seems like an unnecessary complication in any landing in a busy sequence. It becomes a critical action to disengage them immediately to avoid a rear end collision before clearing the runway.

I’ve seen other discussions about disengaging all AP at and I’m also wondering if that’s maybe why the parking brakes aren’t a bigger issue.

I would love it if any of our IRL pilots chimed in : )



You’re right - no one uses parking brakes IRL on landing. There’s a system called “autobrake” on most airliners which is used for landing. Unfortunately, we don’t have that in IF yet.

You could vote for that feature here, if you’d like to see it in the sim:

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Hello, i think this is the first time we’ve actually talked, I haven’t been around long enough to “meet” everyone yet

I came to IF from flying the X-Plane B738, I’ve used the autobrake, and I’ve voted for that feature as it’s a great convenience.

I’m considering submitting the feature request to remove the parking brakes from the autoland, but i don’t want to get too pedantic when there are so many good ideas already pending.

In the meantime I’m hesitant to dive deeper into flying under ATC in busier airports, i just figure I’ll forget to disengage it and throw off an entire arrival sequence. (Yeah, i know it’s still on the Training Server, but politeness is a habit.)


Hello 👋

I am not a real life pilot but I can confirm that auto brakes are never used for landing.
There is a deceleration system called ‘Auto brakes’ which are common on most airliners
Unfortunately we do not have that facility yet on IF. So the Autoland feature mainly relys on the parking brakes to slow the plane down.

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Regarding Auto Brake:

It got confirmed that it is being worked on, so we can expect it relatively soon!


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