Autoland and appr

You select nav 1 usually before you land. This is to prepare for APPR approach and that will link with the runway you selected by clicking on airport and runways section

but nav 1 doesn’t follow my fpl?

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do you have the replay?

Nav1 is primary used for the APPR

so confused with this appr lol, shall i just wait until the green dot is in the middle then press appr

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I appreciate you feeling confused about APPR and when to engage but the comments above should be helpful. Have you watched tutorials about APPR? You’ll get hang of it in time.

i’ve watched all of them and still don’t get when to press nav 1 and appr

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Like I said Nav1 is used for preparing a runway to land using APPR.
I will demonstrate by showing pics on a solo flight…it will take a while so bear with me

Make sure when you see the replay ,you see the States bar to see when i activate the APPR.

it doesn’t let me view it

By the looks of it, you activated APPR too late. Make sure to activate it when the green rhombus is above the middle line

The replay?? you have to see in the app.

Oh by the way, did you select the ILS Approach for Nav1 from the map?

I am 100% sure now you have not selected anything for NAV1 from the map! And hence you are unable to align with the Approach!

The picture is not very clear but I think he selected the Nav 1 on the map,the glidescope is almost aligned

I have just done a pattern at Edinburgh Airport to demonstrate how APPR works.
I cant do a video, but I’ve took some pictures, so hopefully you will understand more how to correctly engage APPR and how to set up one beforehand. Ready?

When you spawn in your nav settlings should look like this:

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Now I’m airborne (barely)with a FLP, for the landing you simply click on airport and chose runway using Nav1 button. It will come up as yellow for the runway you want to land. Be aware if there’s an active approach or tower it is subject to change and should change this accordingly if instructed to do so.


That’s what i was trying to explain! Thanks for the effort… ☺️

Thanks for relying @Mafiaviation; I was unable to carry on posting because of this rule: I haven’t finishd but now I will do so

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