Autoland and appr

i’ve watched the tutorial on appr landing, i thought you had to wait for the green dot to be in the middle of the altitude on the left ?

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To engage APPR? No. Once that green dot is in the middle, the AP will start descending. To engage APPR you just need to make sure you have the ILS engaged when you go to the runways section of an airport. The APPR then intercepts the Glideslope and Localizer.


Your were right in your thoughts, green dot needs to be in the center (on the right though), which would mean you’ve successfully intercepted the glideslope. You can try to activate APPR when it’s not, but that’s up to you, as not everyone likes rollercoasters


so you can engage appr at any point on the approach because many times i’ve engaged it and it hasn’t gone in straight like it goes to the runway threshold

Welll actually with the 757 of the green dot isn’t aligned with the center it will maintain its altitude until its intercepts the g/s. And with the 77W and the 777LR for some reasons not the 77F 772

but on the tutorial it says select nav 1 but the localiser isn’t in the middle ?

It will correct itself and turn onto the runway course once you activate APPR mode.

You need a couple criteria to engage appr:

  1. An appropriate airspeed - below 200kts, usually 190 or 180 should be good
  2. To have NAV1 activated (as opposed to GPS) so APPR knows which runway to line up with
  3. You must be at or below the glideslope (this is what you’re asking about).

Take a look at this image from the user guide:

As seen in the image, the aircraft intercepted the localizer below the glideslope (the descending black line). For most ILS approaches, the glideslope will hit 3,000ft AGL about 2 miles after where the red cone starts. So, if you intercept at the start of the cone, being at 3000ft agl will put you below the glideslope - this allows APPR to stabilize itself and line up with the runway. At this point, the green dot will be above your altitude. Once it hits your altitude, APPR will descend the plane and keep it descending at -3 degrees until you reach the threshold.

So basically, activate APPR when you are below the green dot (the glideslope) so your plane can first establish itself laterally.

still so confused lol so what what are the factors that won’t engage appr

If you don’t do this stuff

Straight & simple as long as the green dot is above the middle line or in the middle line, you can activate APPR at point in time!
However, if the green dot is below the middle line, then you have missed the localizer & its not appropriate to activate APPR now!

You can either go around or land manually, depending on the situation…

could someone help me really quickly i’ve tried to do it on solo mode and what’s going on?

In the image show that you didn’t have the altitude and the glidescope locked in the APPR (when it’s locked it’s green),so you have the wait until it’s locked or try another approach.
I tried the same approach and it went well.

Do be aware that the Appr is extremely aggressive when you use it, the ap is very aggressive in IF

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That’s correct! You just need to wait until the LOC & GS turn green & it should start its decent… Also, make sure to reach 3,000 ft before you hit the red cone.

You have set your altitude to 3000 but your aircraft didn’t reach to 3000 by the time you want to start your Approach! So make sure to reach atleast 2500 or 3000 before stabilizing with the localizer…

what point did you select nav 1?

on the if tutorial the person selected nav 1 and it didn’t turn it followed the fpl but when i do nav 1 it turns ?

i made the approach without flight plan ,just to show you