Autoland 777s

Anyone else have issues with Autoland in the 777 series?

There are multiple 777s, which one in particular are you having issues with?

It would be great if you could tell us what type of issues you were having as just saying that you’re having issues with the 777’s autoland can lead to a multiple of different things. :)


Specifically on the 777F seem like on medium to short range finals, whenever I’m on approach soon as I go to switch it on, aircraft has a freak out moment. I drop almost 100 to 200 feet frm 2300 Feet. I’ve tried recalibrating before activating and coming in with a bit more altitude and trimming down.

In 23.1 77W got a new little update on its landing psychic

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The 777F APPR mode is a little sensitive

You need to make sure you’re not going slower than 150 knots, and either perfectly aligned if close to the runway on short final, or give it space to work with at 10NM near the end of the approach cone.

Honestly, if you’re only turning it on at 5NM or less, it’s better to just land the 777F manually


I currently have the PMDG 737 max Ik the 777 is going to be significantly heavier but with the right numbers I might be able to recreate these approaches and find the sweet spot #for the IF 777. It’ll take a bit but I’ll play around with it and see what I come up with. If you find something for the triple 7 please let me know!

i never use Autoland.

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At the moment you engage APPR and experience the drop, are you at level altitude or descending?

If it happens while descending, try it again from level altitude and see if you get a smoother transition as the glide slope comes down from above to you (needle starts from above).

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