Hey, What’s the point of auto breaks?

So you don’t have to use your finger to stop the plane it automatically applies the breaks when you land and apply reversers.


This should help.

“Auto-brake systems can be used on takeoff where they will provide maximum braking in the event of a rejected takeoff and on landing where they will provide a scheduled rate of deceleration (dependent upon the auto-brake level selected) using only a single brake application. These features combine to optimize the brake usage with respect to the requirement and to minimize brake wear.” - Source

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It didn’t automaticly use reversers when i just tried it

That’s because the reverse thrust is not automated, you have to apply it yourself


Auto-brakes use the physical brakes on the aircraft, couple that with reverse thrust and you will slow down rapidly.

Auto-brakes has a low, medium, and max setting and depending on which one you choose, the harder the aircraft will physically brake

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