So that’s why the controls tab says both “parking brake” and “brake”.

The brake button is the parking brake, the rudder slider is the brake…

But the rudder thing doesn’t even work that well.

What’s wrong with it?

Sometimes it doesn’t work.

The landing distances in IF are very unrealistic, you can stick an A380 at MLW and at 140 knots on WMBT and it will stop.

Maybe make the brakes less powerful, or add auto-brake? The aircraft can stop on a penny at the moment, which is pretty unrealistic.

Maybe add auto-brake levels, such as 1, 2, 3 and 4?


That’s what I have been trying to do, I land and put 60% reverse and tap on the brakes every now and then, I would definitely want this


A plane stopping immediately after touchdown is real and i have experienced it. @Giacomo_Lawrance @Tombomb777

It annoys me when I see 737’s and A321’s landing at EGLC, this would stop it.

Probably with emergency braking; besides, it wouldn’t kiss the ground then go from 140 knots to 0 in a second.


It is possible for back taxi runways

You don’t see 737’s and A321’s in EGLC IRL.

It’s hilarious, I’m lined up at knuc then a 757 stops 150 feet after the white squares, and he was trying to be realistic so I waited 2 minutes for him to get off the runway

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In IF, aircraft stop in like two seconds. I managed to stop an ERJ 190 in Saba once! Just stupidly unrealistic.

Actually i have been there and have done it. It is real in VOTV. I flew in and out during runway repair. And please theres no way a 777 is gonna go till the end of the runway. When theres a ongoing repair

What airport is this?

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. South of India in the State of Kerala.

You could always leave your throttle at 50 N1.

I guess but that still makes it unrealistic, overall it needs some changing

Lol and then over run the runway in a 747 or A380 . Are you for real?


A 772 will struggle to stop on a 8000 foot runway, such as one at Boston at least I think it is Boston. A 777-300ER’s landing distance is 11,000 feet.