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I would love different brake settings in game! Great request :)

Isn’t BRAKE the parking brake and the RUD slider the real brake?

I’m not quite sure :/ haven’t flown lately to check. But I believe you are correct. So different brake settings would be awesome!

So Auto Brake is a system that is totally separate?
It sounds very cool.
Would it deactivate at a certain speed?

Isn’t it strange that APPR activates the parking brake?


No, both the Rudder Brakes AND the Button “Breaks” do the exact same thing, I’ve asked Matt before.

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Yeah I thought they brake at the same strength, the rudder brake is just for easier use while pulling off a runway and needing to brake at the same time I think

“Isn’t BRAKE the parking brake and the RUD slider the real brake” - Jan
Yes it is. - You.

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No one here is arguing I hope? 🙂

Does pulling down on the break do anything different then just tapping breaks?

Maybe the brake button could be like the flap button and have different levels of braking.

great idea keep up

A BTV system (for the A380 only) would be amazing :D

They have 3 arrestor cables incase the jet misses the first one with the hook it has 2 more chances to grab one