Autobrake Tutorial

Could the autobrake feature ever be updated in future as currently when you disengage them manually (on rollout) the spoilers go down, when this is not actually the case in real life - sometimes aircraft leave their spoilers up until they have exited the runway

Could the spoilers not be uncoupled from it being disengaged in these instances?

I’m probably being pedantic and I love the introduction of the auto brake feature but just erring on the side of realism, which IF is great at :)


Your question is a good one and has been asked by many in the last few days. Here’s a technical explanation from the developer as to why it is the way it is for now. Note that we may be able to improve this in later versions.


While I do love this feature, the whole spoiler retraction system is putting a bad taste in my mouth with it. It’s very unrealistic. I did read Laura’s comments about it and how it was hard to separate the systems from each other which I completely understand, but I think this is a pretty glaring issue that needs to be addressed fast. Maybe a temporary solution to this would be to lower the speed threshold that lowers the spoilers from 40 knots to 15-20 knots? Or maybe give us an option to let us not use the auto brakes system all together?

This is a great feature with major potential but it is quite flawed in its current state.


That’s the thing. It’s not.

You should have a look at a few of the other replies from real world pilots about this as well:

… etc.


Very helpful tutorial!


More helpful things… @Laura has found a way to let pilots disarm spoilers manually after landing. She’s hoping to add it in the next update if development on it goes well.

@Jack you’ll be able to wash the bad taste out of your mouth now.


Thanks for the tutorial, Amazing new feature!

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Infinite Flight Tutorials are always outstanding!🔥

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I forgot to arm them on a KLM 777 when landing into JFK yesterday from AMS. i was wondering why it took so long to slow down haha

I’ve had a couple of instances where the autobrake disengaged because I closed the thrust reversers and accidentally moved the throttle to 1%. By the time I realized it I had to use max manual braking because the end of the runway was approaching!


yeah. its like jfks runway. the touchdown area is further along which makes the airport runways look longer than they actually are. next time i will probably use MED autobrakes when landing at JFK

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Great tutorial! This update makes flying much more realistic!

Really helpful tutorial. Thanks a lot!

Nice well done

Can we have more realistic spoiler modes? We can maybe have different levels like 1, 2 and 3, especially for flight spoilers. And then at the top, armed. This would make flight spoilers more realistic and would recreate testing the spoilers on the ground, as the armed setting doesn’t move the spoilers under 30kts gs

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You should perhaps read this:

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