Autobrake System

Autobraking System

The autobrake, whose components are located on the center panel of the Main Instrument Panel, is a deceleration feature used by aircraft. It automatically applies brake pressure during landing, allowing for pilots to focus on other tasks during the landing, such as flaring and landing the aircraft, as well as engaging reverse thrust and using rudder to maintain centerline.

Autobrakes function similarly to spoilers; in fact, the autobrake system kicks in after the spoilers deploy, with a slight delay, depending on the setting that the autobrake system is set to (more information later on).

In the real world, lower autobrake settings are used as to preserve tires, brake systems, and runway surfaces. There are higher settings available, which are saved for inclement weather, emergencies, rejected takeoffs, etc. These settings are listed below.

For the purposes of this topic, the Boeing 737 aircraft will be used as an example; different manufacturers and different aircraft types will have different specifications.

Boeing 737

Setting Pressure Applied Rate of Deceleration
1 1250 PSI 4 ft per second squared
2 1500 PSI 5 ft per second squared
3 2000 PSI 7.2 ft per second squared
MAX 3000 PSI 14 ft per second squared, 12 ft per second squared below 80 knots
RTO* 3000 PSI 14 ft per second sqaured above 80 knots, 12 ft per second squared below 80 knots

*Rejected Takeoff

Implementation in Infinite Flight

This would be a great feature to have in Infinite Flight, to allow for a smoother landing experience. With the use of autobrakes (which are actually mandated by some airlines for use during all landings), pilots can focus on landing their aircraft smoothly and safely, allowing for a constant rate of deceleration and an efficient arrival. This would operate similar to spoilers, with pilots being able to set autobrakes before landing - they would deploy upon landing, as mentioned before. Settings would be customizable (just as we have spoilers that can be set to flight or armed).

I have attached a mockup below, using the A320 as a test subject. The setting is not modeled to scale, and the autobrake setting is set to MEDIUM.

I would love to see this added in Infinite Flight. Would be a great feature. You got my vote!


I’ve attached a great example below of how it is used, skip to 9:50.

Credit: Captain Joe


you know its serious when he pulls out captain joe


very interesting one, I would place in the system page and not on the left

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We NEED this in IF!!! Such a good idea, and VOTED!


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I voted for it nice idea.

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This is an amazing idea Thunderbolt, weird that people haven’t thought of this earlier.

Anyways, a feature like this combined with Brake-to-Vacate would be very realistic and amazing. The idea that we can finally divert our attention from braking would allow everyone to land smoother is pristine. You got my vote.

Amazing idea!! I love it

Got my vote here, great idea and seems fairly easy to implement.

I will vote for this, nice idea!

This would be a great feature! You have my vote!

I cannot believe this wasn’t a feature request already.


There was. It was closed for this to be a remake

Yo. I would love to see this in IF! Clearing up a vote!

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Voted! This will take IF to a next level of reality!

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Very nice request. I would love to have this! Voted

VOTED! Particularly after you showed the graphics that it’d have different braking strengths settings, love this idea it’s well thought of!