Autobrake feedback

A couple of feedback regarding autobrake:

  • terminology: from what I have hear, autobrake MAX refers to highest landing setting, and the MAX setting in IF should be RTO.
  • how do I see if autobrake is activated in cockpit?
  • usability issue: the autobrake disarms if you muanual brake at around 30%. Even if this is realistic, it is not a good idea because the rudder and brake currently use the same control. The threshold should be higher, or there should be a button to disarm AB above the rudder.
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When autobrake is on and working, it is shown in your HUD where the spoilers on is shown. Rudder braking does in fact disable autobrake in IF. If you don’t manually brake, the system will automatically turn off at a given speed depending on which strength autobrake you’re using.

IRL, autobrake and rudder brake are NOT used at the same time. Actually, some airlines don’t even allow autobrake and reverse thrust to be used simultaneously. Rudder brake is supposed to cancel out autobrake.

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As with all IF features, I imagine auto-breaking will continue to be improved and upgraded in the future.


The terminology and functionality is different for each aircraft manufacturer. We have an Airbus pilot on the team so it’s largely based on that as well as whatever technical constraints we have already. Regan says that MAX setting on an airbus on landing will absolutely break things. 🙂


I meant live cockpit, not HUD

Can rudder brake be accidentally triggered when using the rudder to maintain center line IRL? This is the usability issue I am talking about.

Ah I guess RTO is for B737 then.

It is possible particularly on smaller devices. However, I haven’t had an issue with accidental rudder brake activation.

Also worth noting, auto brake disengagement IRL is tied to the brake pedals. The moment any manual brake pressure is applied auto brakes will kick off. If accidental brake application is an occurrence, I’d suggest when you put your finger on the brakes to drag your finger slightly up and off the slider. Your finger does not need to be directly over the rudder slider for the rudder to work, effectively allowing you to not interfere with the brakes until you pull your finger closer to the edge of the screen.

Like Drummer said, in the HUD there is an annunciation that says “Autobrakes”. Irl, some aircraft have an audible annunciation that says “ Autobrakes”. Some will simply have the aircraft deceleration and that’s your indicator or some on the MFD.

Kind of building on with what Jason mentioned, while MAX or HI braking would break things on some aircraft, HI braking is possible on other aircraft IRL. Because the way that Autobrakes were coded, you cannot set MAX brakes in the air. It simply won’t let you.

But if your landing in an aircraft where you know they land with MAX on occasion (EJets), you can keep the MISC - Autobrakes tab open on landing. When you touch down, then enable MAX and you’ll effectively get that MAX/HI braking that you so desired in the air.

It can be a slight inconvenience, but I’ve tested it and it does work pretty well. Worth giving it a shot as a work around.


Official dev response from Laura:

As @DeerCrusher mentioned, it’s a real life thing, and we have added a margin to allow accidental braking during landing without disengaging. It’s really because we’re using a touch display, otherwise, we’d make it != 0% braking.


here’s an idea: just don’t swipe down on the rudder. gently move it and you won’t have a problem

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But what if you’re flying Ryanair? Gentle breaking isn’t an option then!


of course, excuse me. im used to the civilised braking habits of the rest of the aviation world


Lmao, did not expect this comment! Thank You for making my morning! 😂😂😂

So hard to satisfy people nowadays…


IF uses airbus settings so you would just set MED. MAX is RTO on boeing.

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