"AutoBrake & AntiSkid"

Did you know that all IF aircraft emulate/are equipped with AutoBrake and AntiSkid features! I’m not sure if it was an intentional build out feature but their there. Every watch those landing videos of the crosswind recoveries of heavies and regionals at Frankfort on UTube? AutoBrakes and AntiSkid save the missed or the day most of the time I’ll wager. Back in the day when I was getting my ticket punched at AO School the Bronco (OV-10A) Drivers continually reminded me to be cautious on my foot placement on the peddles during emergency procedures ( incapacitated pilot) training. Brake lock up was an early design flaw on the Bronk and these wannabe fighter jocks had a tendency to plant the mains on the numbers hot. A tricycle Twin, the Bronk had Handed reversible turbo props and early models had a tendency to drift/skid a lot on touch down naturally even on a dry grooved active. If you had a high foot placement on the peddles you could inadvertanly engage the sensitive brakes when you were still hot, and could go for a slayride, fold the nose gear, depart the runway or ground loop An AutoBrake/Skid modification quickly corrected the problem fleet wide. When I started flying IF old habits kicked in. No peddles of course, so no hand/foot dance just a break button and a rudder toggle. I had a hellofa time getting my thumbs in sync. By mistake on an occasion while dirtying up a Spit I locked the brake and landed on the mains and proceeded Streight down the center line and stopped smartly with no wobble. This was with a quartering wind, a classic 1 wire trap. Took a minute or two to realized I had locked brakes cause I had to keep adding power to maintain taxi speed back to the barn. So I concluded the Spit had “soft brakes”. Latter while Faming other ship in the inventory I began to add “Lock” brakes to my dirty up check list. Waala, Autobrake/Skid emulation. Bottom Line, Ya got AutoBrake/Skid emulation on IF aircraft even the Shuttle. It works for me, lower the gear, lock the brakes, rotate and plant them, give it a shot! Max Sends