Autobiographer badge

Hey guys, I was looking through the badges and I noticed that I didn’t have the Autobiographer badge, even though I have filled out most of my profile. I was wondering if every option had to be filled in to get it and if there is a word minimum you need to achieve for your description in order for it to be valid. Any help would be appreciated :)

I’m pretty sure you just edit your bio, and that’s that! I don’t quite remember, as I got that badge quite a while back. Maybe try adding a bit to your bio… it could be something to do with a word count.

Joined another Discourse forum and when you add your bio or edit it you receive it automatically. Don’t know what else to say other than try editing your bio.

This badge is granted for filling out your user profile and selecting a profile picture.

It should be automatically granted.

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I just got it, don’t know why it wasn’t working before lol, this can be closed :)

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