Auto-tune to Unicom upon spawning

Given the Expert Server is seeing an increasing number of not-so-expert pilots arriving, I am proposing (if not pleading) that a simple tweak is made so that you are auto-tuned to Unicom at the field you have spawned at if there is no ATC controller on duty.

My reasoning for this is twofold:

  1. Being tuned in to the frequency and hearing others issue messages may act as a reminder to pilots to do the same.
  2. Even if the pilot wants to move around, take off etc. without letting anyone know, at least they will be able to hear what others are saying. This seems particularly important on the runways, when alerting that you are on final can usually (alas not always) stop another aircraft entering.

Obviously pilots on Expert should know that they have to tune in to an ATC frequency before pushing back/taxiing, but from the sheer amount of utterly silent aircraft I have experienced recently at Unicom airports, this is increasingly looking like it isn’t the case for quite a lot of users.

I think this would be a nice feature, I usually forget to announce taxi anyway