Auto Trim

That’s unfortunate, but I’m glad you support the idea. Thank you.

I know, i didnt say they are same.

I would vote since I hate trying to use trim but I’m out of votes. You have my support though


Thank you :)

Although I see why you want this, I don’t feel that it is really necessary.

I mean, using trim is a pretty simple process. Honestly, use it until you feel comfortable. Calibrate before disengaging autopilot and before takeoff. Use positive trim for takeoff, climb, and cruise, and do whatever feels best for descent and landing. As long as you calibrate your device, it should all be fine.
Mess around with trim on solo for a bit, and learn how to use it properly. It’s not challenging, and how much or little to use is up to the pilot, and how they feel.


I know how to use trim properly, it is fairly easy. Auto trim would allow for more realism to commercial aircraft and at the same time make ease of use.

You, and others, may be a pro at trim, but at the same time there are people who really struggle with it/neglect adjusting it that could use some help. If you think about it, adding it wouldn’t create any problems.

I guess…

As long as there is a way to disable it, then I am good with it :)

Of course, or fly Boeing aircraft other than the 777 which has auto trim.

My idea is that auto trim will always be activated, showing the yellow/orange highlighted box like A/P functions, except it doesn’t need A/P to work. If you want to manually turn auto trim off you’d have to click on the highlighted box and it would go back to the grey color. Of course once you turn on A/P, auto trim will still be active. Essentially, it will always be on unless you turn it off manually.

I think the auto trim feature should be an option in the settings if people don’t want it on the aircraft that has auto trimming.

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Real world, pure aircraft have auto and manual trim- and I fly on an OLD aircraft!

Fully support this, let me find a spare vote

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Thank you for the support :)

Dylan-I talked to Laura about the autotrim before-she says it’s extremely hard to implement because of the way the accelerometer reads the calibration. I’m still leaving the vote on this but it may be quite some time before we see it

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Oh wow, didn’t know that. Thanks for the info and support, hopefully things have changed since then.

People who prefer use trim manually wouldn’t check this option in settings

I would love to see that feature in infinite flight

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It wouldn’t work on mobile

Could you possibly elaborate? Mobile is the only platform for Infinite Flight.

Interesting idea, especially considering the fact that a lot of people don’t know how to use trim, but I’m out of votes

Well if you on auto pilot and you turn off auto pilot your controls will not be centered unless you make the controls centered when turn off autopilot.

…what are you talking about? How would this relate to auto-trim not working on mobile devices specifically?