Auto Trim

Hi all,

This will be my first feature request today, and it’s about auto trim.

Now, you may be wondering, “Oh, more automation? This isn’t what flying is all about!” In some ways that statement is right, but let me explain a little more.

Auto trim is becoming increasingly prevalent in commercial aircraft. All Airbus models include auto trim and likewise for a select few Boeing. This feature isn’t just about increasing automation, it’s also about ease of use. In many real world situations you will most likely see the trim moving - so I thought, why not in Infinite Flight?

So, how would it work?

Well, it’s quite simple. As you can probably imply, it will automatically trim the aircraft. Sometimes everything gets a little overwhelming, therefore this will be especially useful when managing flaps, spoilers, lights, and everything else at once.

I suggest that auto trim works in 1% increments to make it safer - increasing trim at values of 10%+ can make the aircraft unstable. If you need any clarification on what I mean by 1% increments please feel free to mention it below.

So, that’s all I have to say. I hope you agree with me in that adding this feature will add to ease of use and offer more realism to commercial aircraft. I would highly appreciate if you could vote for this feature request if you agree. Thank you for reading!

Disclosure - The last feature request similar to this one was last updated in 2016, so I figured this was a good time to refresh the possibility of this idea. Thank you.

This would be a cool feature that would defiantly make it a lot easier…

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Really agree
But I don’t have any more votes


Ah, that’s a shame. Thank you for your comment :)


This is a duplicate request. Please search for your feature to make sure it’s unique before posting

Please read the blurred disclosure, thank you.


PM a mod to close the other one then

Not needed since the last comment was in 2016. If it’s necessary I will PM a mod. Thanks.


I’m confused.

So I get the aircraft is auto trimmed, but during what time:

Final Approach?

The aircraft is auto trimmed when you start flying for a zero gravity experience.

It would be auto trimmed at whatever point is necessary to relieve stress on the airframe. Certain aircraft could have trim settings based on weight on takeoff. However, this would require a little more complicated math to trim it correctly based on weight. 5% for every 100,000 pounds? I don’t know.


Congratulations on putting the idea I had first! I really like the idea of auto trimming so that we don’t have to experience forces that mess up the place where we calibrate our device.


Even disengaging A/P to manual flight?

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Yes, even when you disengage AP to manual flight there will still be auto trimming until you’re on the ground.


Thank you for your comment, I appreciate the support :)

No problem!

When releasing auto approach for example. The plane doesn’t sink or soar.
It could not be called auto trim but it could be a normal user interface behavior.

And more

  • When I release HDG there should be a left-right calibration. So the plane doesn’t go right or left.
  • When I release ALT there should be a up-down calibration + trim. So the plane doens’t sink or go up.
  • When I release A/P or APPR there should be a left-right-up-down + trim calibration.

Because, when we actually release SPD the set power remains.

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Any of the Airbus FBW aircraft are auto trimmed so that when you’re in a bank or put the aircraft into a climb (within the FBW law’s limits) you do not have to trim-the plane just stays there. This could be an amazing next feature for the Airbus family!


Agreed, thank you for your comment.

Imagine this on the A350 😱

Great idea but sorry, I’m out of votes or I would vote