Auto Trim

I have searched but nothing came up for this. The other day I was flying in a 737-800 simulator and the trim was automatic. Because of this I was wondering if there could be a feature in IF so when flaps or anything else are deployed/set it automatically trims the aircraft!


I was thinking about this auto-trim. It would be easier for a lot of people to handle flaps, speed, heading, while also watching the ILS arrow.


This would be very helpful for everyone and me.


I thought of this but I assumed that apple needs to release iPad Air 4 for that…

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It would help with better landings.


Auto land now people want auto trim and auto take off. Please stop with “auto”. If we keep like that we will just forget what is to fly because we will just put all things on auto and the plane will do everything. Please…


Airbus has an auto-trim, Boieng doesn´t, so it would be realistic if it was implemented at least on the Airbus aircrafts.

Thats true. But the autotrim is bad in some cases at low speeds. The accident of Aor France 447 was caused by the trim.

I wouldn’t use it but it might be useful for some people until they get to grips with trying to do 5 things at the same time

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I don’t understand this. There is a stab trim switch on the yoke for the 737-800 which you use to trim for take-off, initial climb whilst hand flying, and landing whilst hand flying so the trim isn’t automatic on a 737-800. Did you not have this on the simulator you were on?

For airbus you do have fully automatic trim so no stab trim switch as far as I understand.

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There was an option for auto trim in the sim!

Aha that explains it. That makes it too easy ;)

Trim is one of those things which is hard to learn to do well (I don’t do it well btw), but when you get it then it is easy to do and helps a lot.

I tried it for about 5-10 minutes in the simulator but I asked for it to be auto lol

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Airbus has an automatic trim for every aircraft, and Boeing has it for the 777, so it should be added.


Mmm nah, I’ll pass. Probably something that would be more effective at helping pilots deal with the constant bombardment of information and things to handle would be a First Officer on board :)

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Why would you want an auto-trim when you can just set it by yourself accurately? :)


It’s not for me! It’s for new people it can help them when deploying flaps etc

I need this really bad.

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Airbus uses auto trim, so it would be realistic should the devs added it to the game.


No it wasn’t… the pito tubes froze and the pilots put the plane into a stall because of it

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