Auto Thrust Out of Control

So this has happened to me already for about 6-7 flights straight and I am very confused about this. I have video of this however I cannot upload it for some reason on here, but whenever I have auto throttle on, at specific points on landing and during cruise sometimes, the airspeed and throttle are jumping up and down for so long. This a bug or something?

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Do you have the video?

Yes however it won’t let me post it from my photo/video library. I will upload it as link only to YouTube so I can post it here.

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Is it windy in the area?

That’s happening due very fast wind changes. The auto throttle itself is fine, he only tries to correct the speed. Unfortunately he can’t do it smooth.

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Yes. I wasn’t able to see any wind at the airport since the METAR wasn’t showing.

This is something that happens normally happens between the transition from flat winds to gusty winds, the airspeed starts spazzing and flicking up and down, right?

that’s happened to me around 4 times

Yes. Sometimes though when winds are at like maybe 30+ kts at cruise it does the same thing however most of the time whenever I have winds like that it doesn’t happen. This is the clip of what I had happen:

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Yep, as I said that’s the transition between flat and gusts. Not sure if this is an actual issue, I would wait for clarification from @schyllberg on this one. 🙂

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Those are the winds, I’m pretty sure. It’s extremely windy up the East Coast today, with gusts up to 30+kts on top of already heavy winds, so, your airspeed will go wonky. Nothing to be concerned of, in my eyes.


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