Auto-Throttle Problems

I am having problems with the auto-throttle feature on the 787-10. It keeps spiking and dropping my throttle causing my speed to be all over the place. Is anyone else having this problem?

Are the winds gusting or turbulent? Sudden changes in the aircraft’s attitude?


Check that out :)

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Not at all, I had a head wind at about 3 to 6 knots. It starts the moment I leave the ground and doesn’t stop at all. It has made me quit 3 flights now for fear of getting a violation of speed.

I question the use of auto-throttle at that stage of your flight, but ok, so it’s not changes in wind conditions then?

At that phase of flight, the next culprits could be aircraft attitude or configuration changes. Raising the gear and flaps reduce drag causing a surge in speed if the engines are still spooled up at 100% N1 (or likely more with AT on takeoff). Changing climb angle will of course have an impact as well, as will banking to a lesser extent.

Here’s another topic about it:

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I will see if I can get a recording of the problem.

Compare your throttle with your airplane’s pitch, vertical speed, bank, flap settings, and the winds. There are a variety of factors that can change what the throttle decides to do to maintain an airspeed. If you’re in a bank at a slow airspeed with flaps at a high angle of attack, you’ll need more power to climb at a steady rate. That configuration will cause you to pitch up and down, bank more or less, and make wild throttle and altitude adjustments. If you have no flaps, a high airspeed, etc., and there is no wind, your throttle should be stable. What were the conditions of your flight?

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I had that problem before it might be turbulence

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If you read above, it says he didn’t have much wind.

If you can get a video of it that would help. As @Nashes said it is most likely caused by turbulence.

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Is your wind speed violently going up and down?

Hi Nashes,

If you read my post, I said that there was hardly any wind with no gusts whatsoever.


I don’t know if you got what I said but here is an example. I was departing SFO from 28L and I was going to 3000 and my headwind was around 2 kn to 5 kn and it was increasing and decreasing violently and that caused my set speed 250 to go to 252 and back down to 247 kn. Was that what was going on?

Can you please get a video.

Is it fast like jumping or slow moving up and down. Sounds like turbulence to me, nothing to do with the wind unless you see the wind speed rapidly changing (live weather glitch).

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This has been happening to me to. Mostly jumping. Usually I turn auto-throttle off under 10,000 feet, so I don’t get a speed violation.

Just keep the climbing speed to 230 so you don’t exceed 250 kn

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