Auto throttle disengages

I’m having issues with the auto throttle disengaging immediately after i set it. The C-17 is the only aircraft I am having this issue with. Any thoughts or similar issues?

Are you turning bank too hard or pitching too low or too high. You said auto throttle disengage, so you mean just 1 AP on and others are manual?

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Im now having issues with auto pilot all together cutting out in mid flight during normal stable flight on path… I’m gonna reinstall the app to see if that will fix the issue.

no excessive maneuvers or anything, normal level flight, activate alt, speed, heading and it immediately cuts right back off saying check flight parameters but im not on a flight path…

Were you turning at the moment? (Sorry I spelt were wrong if I did lol)

no, straight, level flight.

This is quite a strange little issue isn’t it…
Have you been able to verify if there is some level of consistency in the error? Does it happen after so many minutes, or at a certain altitude?

Did reinstalling the app resolve it?

reinstalling the app has helped so far.

Reinstalling the app did work to solve the issue.

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