Auto throttle button.

After putting the power to 50% to make sure the engines are stabilized,you press a button that will automatically increase power for takeoff.


Isn’t that the speed thing next to hdg

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Erm, interesting idea, but isn’t pushing the throttle up for takeoff one of the best bits? “HERE WE GOOO!” cough I mean “cleared for takeoff, runway 28R, N916NV”. Wouldn’t it be a bit dull to automate it completely?


NO. NO NO NO NO and again NO. This is just being lazy.

Lazy ? This is what they do in real life…


Yes lazy as this is no where needed in the sim.

As far as I know and seen on take off videos from cockpit, pilots always do take offs manually.


@Jay757 I didn’t say take off with autopilot.

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Adding this would add realism to the sim, for all the people who say “it’s too lazy” I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it.


Sounds lazy to me.

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Well they do everything manually, even hitting the throttles. What’s even the idea of hitting a button for throttles to go from 50% to full automatically ? Just do it manually ;)

Yes this would definately be a nice addition… If Laura does add LNAV and VNAV sometime this year as she promised Then i think this would be a nice thing to include…Its just the SPD tweaked…no button added…I would love to set N1 limit

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Once again it adds realism, furthermore throttles are not set to 100% power on takeoff, this means it can be difficult on a small screen (or in the real world) to set the power to the correct value.

The argument for if it’s lazy it shouldn’t be added could be applied to the auto pilot, under that logic should we get rid of it?


Well my opinion is that autopilot is there so the pilot don’t have to hold the controls for 2-3hrs compared to a button to something automatically that take you 3-5 sec to do.

For the last freaking time, if you don’t like a feature don’t freaking use it!!!’


Lmao no it isn’t. The N1 value is fully visible and readable. N1 is what shows the output of the engines. Thing is aircraft engines are quite powerful and to an extent actually over compensate. N1 value should lie just under 100% or between 90-100%. That is why a full power takeoff is rarely or never done.

“The argument for if it’s lazy it shouldn’t be added could be applied to the auto pilot, under that logic should we get rid of it?” This is just dumb. The auto pilot feature is an extention to manage the aircraft and a lot of times the aircraft itself flies through certain conditions with more precision than the pilot can. As the pilot you are there to control not kick your feet up in the cockpit and say to the aircraft “Take care of it will ya”.

I personally dont think it is being lazy. Having something like this will actually require us to do some preflight planning before pushback. (Performance calculations, N1 limit, takeoff thrust, etc…) So hitting one button to make sure that you have the perfect thrust to get into the air wont hurt any one.

Never takeoff with autopilot. :)

Depending on the flight computer/throttle system (FADEC) for instance in an ERJ series jet, the FMC is programmed calculating weight and balance, takeoff conditions and then the throttle is set to TOGA and Max position upon takeoff roll and not touched again until after touchdown. The plane calculates TOGA thrust required.

So yeah, for realism this would be a good feature. Dependant on the jet.