Auto Stepclimb?

Alright, so I’ve been planning to do the longest flight on the world, JFK-SIN, SQ23. Now obviously the only way I can make it is by doing step climbs, but I’m also not gonna be the freak staying up for 19 hours doing step climbs. Is there some sort of API or something I can do to make the plane climb according to altitudes set at waypoints?

As of now, I don’t think you can step climb without manually changing your altitude but if I’m wrong, someone please correct me

i have done this route more than 2 times so step climb is not automatic, unfortunately, what you can try is maybe when you are able to access the device, climb 3k feet at regular fuel burn intervals or maybe you could do the whole flight on 33k or 35k feet

Unfortunately, this is NOT a posibility. In the real life, pilots also climb to their set altitude in a flight plan. In conclusion: you have to make those climbs yourself.

Yes, there is a way. Not via the Infinite Flight app, but via a third party app called In-Flight Assistant.

The app has a (paid) feature that allows you to automate climbs (VNAV) just like you said. By setting altitudes to different waypoints.

Unfortunately, this feature has been buggy for a while, but the good news is it will be fixed (hopefully) with 23.2. With release of this update right around the corner, I’m sure you can download and utilize this feature before your flight.

For more info, check their thread out.

If you don’t want to pay, that’s a different story, but it certainly would have been nice if the first 3 replies mentioned this app.


Best possible way would be to check on it and edit it multiple times and set vs to 100

where do i find it?

All the info you need is attached in the thread.

I love the idea, but wouldn’t this have a 0.01% chance of causing a problem separation or ATC wise on expert? Since climbing unsupervised into say another aircraft could make you liable for getting reported, compared to just staying at the same altitude which is fine if there’s an unintentional conflict while away in cruise, but if anyone is climbing or descending, they should be responsible. Also, if ATC is on, it cause also cause issues with people just climbing without permission.

Yeah exactly. This is why people should say do this at your own risk. It would be your fault especially if IFATC is present. They don’t know you have it on auto. All they know is that an aircraft climbing failed to maintain separation from another aircraft causing an incursion.

I have a list of air routes, and one of them is jfk-sin, wondering how to do it.

the reason I didn’t mention it: its paid

It might be cool if you could set an AoA limit on your climb. In other words when your AoA approaches the maximum limit you specify (or is appropriate to the aircraft), you automatically level out at the nearest appropriate thousand foot FL (assuming ATC is not a factor).

There are other issues to consider, but this is one way of making sure you get up to the highest altitude where you can maintain efficient flight without fear of stalling out. And if automated, you could fall asleep or whatever.

Thank you all! I actually have IF Assistant so this’ll be great!

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