Auto Start Realism

Hey All,
Any chance of a rework to the Auto Start feature, perhaps a version that first fires up the systems followed in sequence by the engines to increase realism (over the span of a few mins). Current setup takes away all the fun behind startup of a flight (yes, I’m aware of the force touch and manual startup options), but the current auto start setup is way too sudden and almost takes away from the point of a simulator.

And for anyone who wants the engines and systems to be up and running on startup they still have the option through “settings.”

Merry Christmas All 🎄


okay so the point of this auto start is for those who want to quickly want to get in the air, its not meant for realism at all.
if you want to realistically start up then do it all manual whether you do it quickly or slowly in the correct time manner. this option will not be adjusted as it isnt meant to take a few minutes, its intent to is to be sudden and instant for those who dont have the time to do it in a timely manner. this simulater caters for all.

hope you enjoy your holidays too


You’re never gonna satisfy everyone. The auto start allows for people who don’t care about realism to do it their way, otherwise, just do it the other way. Its really not that big of a difference.

I think it defeats the entire purpose, and IF systems are so incredibly dumbed down that it takes no longer than 30 seconds to start up.
Instead of reworking it, I think they should just get rid of it.

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