Auto-Start button bug/glitch

There is a bug/glitch where if you spam the Auto-Start button in the air it increases your fuel time (remaining fuel).

I think maybe this should be I support category?

How does it increase the time? Does it actually add fuel to your load? What platform are you on? IOS, Samsung, etc.?

How do you even activate this when your airborne? This feature does not work with your engines on which should be on in the air.


Let’s say I have 1:08 of fuel remaining, if I was to start spamming the button it will increase the time. Depends on how fast you are, it just increase 1 minute of fuel every 1 second. I haven’t seen it add fuel to my load, all I saw was fuel time increasing andI am on iOs.

You do not need to activate it, just tap on the button.

How odd I just tried reproducing this issue as well and experienced the same thing! Must be one of those small weird corks in the system.

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Yeah, I will try to remember this one. Might come in handy when doing long hauls hehe

What plane was this is I’ve tried 3 aircraft and I’m yet to replicate it

Nothing happened on Android’s side for me (Galaxy A70)

Was this on the servers or solo, or even both?

Did it on the a320 and b737, haven’t tried other aircrafts tho

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I was online when someone informed of the bug/glitch tried it and it worked.

Might be a you issue. I’ve tried Solo and Live on both iOS and Android. Ill leave Schyllberg with this one

Idk, might just be affecting some people. I just did and it added 4 mins, will record and send a video when I can.

Nothing on solo or live for me (Galaxy A70)

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What aircraft were you using? (the OP)

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Just want you to know… you’re backing the update release time up with each error or glitch we find. Lol

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I’m unable to reproduce the issue.

Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue to every detail?

For example…

  1. Open IF
  2. Select thisPlane

and so on.


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737-800 and a320-200

he posted it above

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I have an idea are you sure your speed or engine revs weren’t decresing it may have been cutting your engine for a few miliseconds each time causing revs to drop and thus fuel consumption and speed also