Auto spoilers

After talking to a few pilots and watching dashes leave everyday, I always see the spoilers go up as the get on the runway. When they bring the engine RPM’s up the spoilers go down. Would like to see this on the Q400. For those who don’t understand in this video you will see when the dash turns to take off as the engines spin up the spoilers go down


This idea sounds good.

Do you think you can provide a video example? It’ll help others, who may not understand, what you’re talking about. :)


@CptNathanHope Was literally editing it as you posted that

Believe it’s just how the Dash-8s spoilers work. It’s like flight mode or something and it couples them to the throttle.

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Yeah it’s auto spoilers like you said coupled to the throttles. Mainly a last check to see if they need to exit the runway and return for deice and as they push the throttles up the spoilers retract. I actually asked a pilot about it and they explained it to me in full depth

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