Auto-Spoilers Functionality Lost

So I downloaded the (Version 22.2) update today and we finally got auto-spoilers/auto-brakes, thanks Infinite Flight, and the whole team who helped put the update together!
So far the auto-brakes are sweet and all other features are a nice addition, however…

Auto-spoilers work great for rejected takeoffs but the only thing I would like to mention is if there was a way to put the spoilers up when on the ground under 40kts…

For example, concluding pushback you could normally select [Spoilers Armed] so the spoilers go up and down while simulating flight control checks for realism.

Now that we have them that auto-deploy, I can’t have them go up (like fully deployed) whenever I want on the ground (like they should). Are there plans in the future that the spoilers be given that option back???

Example… [Spoilers FULL] could be another option under the drop-down slider say the [Spoilers Armed] detent. The [Spoilers FULL] detent could be activated on the ground (so not in the air) but it would bring realism back so we can cycle the flaps on the ground and would put them back down/ or in their programmed position once [Spoilers Armed], [Flight], or [OFF] is selected.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the auto spoilers are sweet! It adds realism to IF, like when you get slow enough they go down or pull the power back on takeoff and do an RTO. BUT without replacing the functionality so we can still cycle them manually, it seems to have taken some realism away at the same time.

What does the community think?


Laura’s response to the spoiler feedback after the new update. Just thought I’d share this here: Infinite Flight 22.2 - #195


ahh ok didn’t know laura posted about that! Yea a flight control check button could fix that for sure!

Hey thanks for sending this to me!

I was just about to make a topic about this because I always like a realistic flight control check.


Me too hahaa

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Agreed…while very appreciative of all the hard, innovative work done at I.F., as a F-16 driver on near-exclusively, the inability to have full control of my airbrake on the ground, and to perform a complete control surface preflight is a bit of a wet blanket on my flight before the chocks are even pulled.
No need to have the airbrake fully deployed during aerobraking, and it’s just bad form, bumping down the flightline with it open, but maybe (just maybe?) at some point in the future we could get an update giving full control of the airbrake back? Possibly a “Preflight” selection in “System” (or even “Ground Services”) available when brakes are set, throttle/speed are at zero?
Anyway, I’m off to fly my F-16 now with an in complete preflight…(too dramatic?lol)!

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I really hope they change it back to the way it was like you said without changing the autobrake system

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Quite detailed explanation, which isn’t that common on the IFC, but I’m honestly getting so sick of people being pressed over the auto-spoiler because they must and will do their ‘‘realistic’’ ‘flight control checks’. I think it was our famous Deercrusher who once explained, a long long time ago, that arming the spoilers and having them fully extended is NOT part of control checks. The spoilers you see extend on the wings after pushback are Roll-spoilers, used for tilting the ACFT left or right. So nah, you don’t need to be able to cycle them manually to do pre-flight checks for ‘realism’, as it is not done irl anyways…

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