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Using the Casual Server in InfiniteFlight Live. I have an annoying non-technical issue. I have my settings set to Automatically Set Start Airport where my last flight ended, and that is working fine. At the end of my flights, I taxi and park in the appropriate stop, turn off the engine, etc. But when I start a new flight from my last airport, instead of starting where I left off, it puts me on the takeoff runway, with the engines and lights on, etc. So I have to get off of the runway, power off, set my weight parameters, etc. I use the app daily, and this just started a few days ago. Please advise. Thanks.

Maybe that airport you landed at has no gates and it left you with a runway spawn? Try this at KLAX or some popular airports

You won’t be able to spawn in EXACTLY where you left off. I think the sim will take into account the airport you landed at and despawned at, but it won’t take into account the exact position you were in when you despawned.

For example, I parked at Gate 24 at KSJC after a flight from KSAN with Southwest Airlines. After I despawned, the simulator took into account the airport I landed at and set my spawn for that airport. Now instead of saying “KSJC Gate 24,” it said KSJC and some random gate (I forgot what it was).

Sometimes, it would even say "Airport ICAO, Takeoff Runway XX. It is up to you to fix where you left off.

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I understand that I will not always be able to spawn exactly where I left off. But the sim used to let me spawn in generally the same area where I left off: Airport ICAO GA XX. For example, after my last flight, I despawned at KSZT in the correct GA parking area (according to map). So how exactly do I “fix” where I left off? Or (as I surmise), is it that the last few airports I have visited are not completely edited? Thanks for your help.

Try to see if your airport you’ve been to is in this list. If it is it’s edited, if it’s not tough luck. :)

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We are working through the airport list. Over 2300 done so far. Most of the more important airports have been tackled. Check my maps to see which airports have been done.

Complete set of airports

Project 10k

Since some important airport runways are less than 10k ft I have added a commercial view

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Thank you. What’s with the firearm icons?

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Label for military airport.

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