Auto seatbelt sign

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Hello! Is there a add on app that automatically switches the seatbelt sigh on and off when necessary?

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Hi there! Short answer is not at this time. You must do it manually. There aren’t any third party applications I know of that do this unfortunately.


I don‘t think there‘s an app for it. However, if you switch them off/on when passing FL100 you should be at your device and you can do that manually.

Not at this time, but it sounds epic. I’ll probably make a feature request for it if there’s not one.


There honestly would be some sort of difficulty with an auto off app because of all the situations possible. Turning the seatbelt sign off completely depends on the conditions, so sometimes you can have it off after 10,000 feet, sometimes later, and sometimes it might be on for the full flight (had this happen on a BOS-DCA flight. Whoo that was rough at the very back of a poor little E-Jet. Worst thing was I didn’t even get to have a Delta cookie). It’s up to pilot’s discretion when it’s suitable to be turned off.


For now, there is no app to or buttons on IF to enable Auto seatbelt sign. For the sake of realism, you can turn on and off it Manually

Yeah i agree with you, for situations like heavy or severe turbulence. Also rip business and first class passengers

That would just take the realism out of infinite flight.

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Yeah, it would, mostly. I mean there is a “auto” option for the seat belt sign IRL on the 737 - and I guess other aircraft. When the pilot wants the sign off, they put it in the auto position. That turns the sign off. But if they forget, which they shouldn’t because of flows, scans, and checklists, the sign will turn on when they lower the gear or flaps.
But, I still don’t think this should be needed in IF. Just turn it on and off yourself. If you don’t want to so that, well, just leave it on.

I think it would be hard because of the different regulations for Country and Airline.

In the states I have never been on an airline that turned it when passing through 10k. That is usually when the internet turns on and when you can use electronic devices. The seatbelt usually turns off over 24k as the VS is reduced.


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