Auto Rudder in the air

Hey, i have an suggest. what about auto rudder in the air :) ?

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You shouldn’t use rudder in air. Many aircraft have crashed because of using rudder in the air.

How do you land with a crosswind then?

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He is talking about in air. You only use rudder when your back wheels touch to straighten out.

Crabbing is not using the rudder.

I would like do disagree on that, I’ve used rudder many times in the air while flying an airplane.

Here is a video of a 763 using rudder in the air to combat the wind.

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This is what happens

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Preatty neat landing :) btw i also use manual rudder, to stabalize the plane.

That is what happens when your rudder decides to make an uncommanded move due to a part failure and gets stuck, not using it properly in other flight conditions.

Auto this auto that… I think everything is fine the way it is. (Besides VS)

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Hehe you are right. was just an suggest. not that i expect it 😊

No, that’s just an example when you use the rudder in flight.

I’m almost positive NWA85 was an uncommanded rudder movment/failure.

Ha this made me laugh auto rudder never heard of it. Rudder trim would be nice. David really had me rolling how do you control yaw if you don’t use the rudder? The crashes you are referring to are from using the rudder excessively beyond its limits.


My insight on this is that rudder is a no no inflight, I may be wrong but that’s just what I was told :-) I’m not afraid to be wrong.


That insight is incorrect, rudder is the only way we control yaw when flying and will not cause the plane to crash unless I stamp the rudder back and forth until the plane either stalls or I overstress a part.

Okay I’m wrong, sorry all. Thanks for the information!

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Don’t forget about the American A300 that crashed in Brooklyn after 9/11. Same thing… rudder movements. Such a tragic event… :’(

Different story. That was an innapropriate application of the rudder due to wake turbulence leading to the mechanism being overstressed and thus leading to a catastrophic failure.

Or read what Ryan Vince already posted:

I was referring to @Furtive_masstwofourf’s video link.

I think your talking about a yaw damper. I never heard of an auto rudder. Please correct if im wrong because i dont think the autopilot can control the rudder if im not mistaking