I bought a Pro 1 Month Subscription in June and ever since it’s been auto-renewing itself. I’ve been looking at topics saying it will show that it the Play Store (I have Android), in the subscriptions column but it wasn’t there and it never even asked me in the first place if I wanted it to auto-renew the subscription. How can I get it to stop auto-renewing? Please help me your feedback would be most helpful!


Here are the steps towards removing your subscription:

  • Open up the Google Play Store
  • Swipe left until you get several options
  • Click “Subscriptions”
  • Click “Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator”
  • Select one of the options on the questionnaire then click “CONTINUE”

I said that it doesn’t show @Cpt_Scott, thanks though!

I’ve already tried that @Brandon_K, thanks for your help though!

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I’ve just edited my message to make it easier, hope that helps

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Make sure you are signing into the play store with the same account that you have IF on.

View, change, or cancel Google Play Store subscription

I am signed in with the same account

Can you send us a screenshot of your “Subscriptions” tab?

KLM 206

This is what shows

Do you have infinite Flight installed? If so can you run it and click “Live” just to see?

Yes, when I press where it says 1 month subscription, it doesn’t do anything

I have no clue that has happened, I’m sorry.

KLM 206

Dealing with this via PM :)