Auto renew subscription exact time?

Hi I’m just curious as my subscription will end tomorrow. I have it as auto renew. I am planning a trans Atlantic flight tonight and curious if the auto renew will have a new subscription at the exact time I made the subscription which was in the evening or is it going to just be at 12 am that it auto renews? I just don’t want to be cut off lol

Continue on with your plans. Your flight won’t end abruptly;)

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Ok cool, I was just freaked about that.

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We can be glad FDS is not like EA.

To continue your flight, please pay 5$. If you want to travel with twice the speed, buy our Concorde DLC for 35$. To see your logbook after your flight, buy our statistics DLC for a monthly subscription of only 3.99$.


$35 is so 2017…

Bitcoin is 2018