Auto reconnecting live server

One of the most annoying things is when the live server does not connect and you have to exit your flight only for it to be back online when you enter in again. I don’t know what is causing this but it needs to be addressed , I’ve had multiple flights that I have had to cancel Due to this flaw. it is a problem in-house, not caused by Wi-Fi or anything else. I believe this issue can be resolved within the application itself instead of having to quit and restart the app. It should have an auto reconnecting feature, every 20 seconds, where it should try to reconnect until it does instead of stranding Pilots with only one option, that being to quit and restart. I really can’t imagine that it’s that hard of a feature to incorporate please help me get the attention of those who can fix this by voting.

If the live server is down it always tries to reconnect if it picks up a signal. This seems like more of an issue you want addressed then an actual feature request.


I believed that at first but so many people keep recommending to me I need to restart my device. Usually I don’t have to restart the device I just have to restart the flight. This obviously indicates it’s not a problem with my connection or the phone but a problem with the actual app itself. And you could probably narrow it down even further to the server

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Plus in each of the times that I left the flight only to come back in 2 seconds later, every single one of those times proved to be successful in the server coming back online. My internet connection didn’t change, my phone was not restarted, the app wasn’t even restarted, the only thing that varied was me leaving the server and coming back in

Then don’t.
The thing is, a lot of things are configured upon spawning. So if you’re disconnected for a certain amount of time, a permanent disconnection is made because a lot of the data is at that point lost.

I don’t think any multiplayer “game” allows for a reconnect after being disconnected for a while. It’s not feasible.

I do understand the frustration though, i mean… we’re all human.


Thank you and I appreciate your feedback but the reason I have to leave in the first place is because it refuses to conect from the begenning. I try to use different internet connections and taleoff in hope that it will eventually connect. After a few hours of it not ,I leave the flight and respawn in, only to have the live server active

Then what needs to be checked is why it disconnected to begin with, so it’s more of an issue to be looked at in the Support topic you created :)