Auto Pushback

So I was wondering how infinite flight team removed manual operation of doors on the aircrafts as pilots do not control them IRL. So by this logic even the pushback procedure should be automated becuase pilots do not pushback their planes. Also, idk if this is possible or not but just like ATC or Pilot there should be new mode for people who want to operate pushback trucks or be a gate agent operating the bridge…but thats too much to ask for IMO…but at least the pushback procedure should be automated to make the whole experience more realistic !!


I think if should be like how a lot of mods are on MSFS and X-Plane. It shows an overheard view of the surrounding area and you can choose where you want your plane to pushed back to.


That would he really cool for infinite flight!

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I’m going to make a feature request, if I can’t find an existing one, on tgat kind of system I think. I was thinking about this earlier funnily enough.

Edit: oh wait, found one "Better Pushback" in Infinite Flight


I think Laura in a stream has asked people if they would be interested in it and many people said yes.

Who knows when it will come. Could be soon or later 🤷

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Wow I thought my request was not so important…but looking by all your replies I see it has quote an imapct on realism it will bring to Infinite Flight. Let’s hope we see pilotless pushback soon !!

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