Auto Push (Automatic Pushback)

Guys I am lazy… and when you fly in real life you don’t see the Captain get out of the plane and become the tug driver.

So heres my suggestion a button for Auto Tug and a box pops up and says which direction would you like the aircraft to point towards :p then the tug does its work.


Somebody’s requested pushback tugs before. It would be too laggy if there were multiple of them. I do like that automatic pushback idea though. When you press “Pushback”, it should pushback on the taxiline itself instead of you having to line up with it. :)


its not a repeat topic I’m not asking for the actual tug :p


I get it… Like X-Plane JAR A320’s auto push… Just click one direction and tada!


exactly :)

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I like this Idea seems we’re many


Personal opinion. I don’t see a point as it takes away pilot input (a bit like auto land) and working an auto pushback system around other users seems very tricky to code, I’m assuming here.

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It doesn’t take away the pilot’s input…It’s realism…pilot’s don’t pushback the plane either[quote=“ChiefPilotLachy, post:8, topic:45449”]
around other users seems very tricky to code, I’m assuming here.

I assume ofcourse if you cleared for pushback you won’t have to worry about this,will you!


Even in the Aerosoft A320 you need to type in the degree amount and lenght of how you want to be pushbacked. And the Aerosoft A320 practically flies itself.

You’re the Pilot! You need to do something!
And since at every Gate and every airport the distance to the taxiline is different it’d be nearly impossible or just way too much work and use os storage to have the autopushback line up with the taxiway perfectly.

Touché, again this is my opinion.

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But also keep in mind things can change very quickly, especially if it’s busy, or people don’t follow instructions.

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I get your point…somehow you’re correct if this happens at LAX PG

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AFAIK, there’s no way to tell where exactly to pushback to. How would the tug know which taxi line to push the plane to?


its your job to fly the plane not push the plane back from the gate XD

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it would push back to the taxi line and as you have already told the tug driver which direction you want to face they would follow that.

this is the best clarification of the idea so far :)

Where exactly? Many airports have gates or other parking spots with several taxi lines behind them. I’m no expert in this but I don’t see a feasible way to program a feature like this

Hahaha X-Plane for the computer doesn’t get flamed as much as X-Plane for mobile :P

Anyways it can be a directional thing, or it can be a much more sophisticated thing — where the taxiways are well established for the pushback system to use…

Yes dependant on the size of the aircraft generally only 2 of these lines are relevant I believe, shouldn’t be too hard to write an algorithm for that part

It could potentially be a simple system and then built on with demand who knows :p it was an idea and if the big guy upstairs likes it then I’m sure he will fit it in his busy schedule