Auto pilot take off

hello everyone if players are having trouble taking off auto pilot is the solution I use auto pilot to takeoff perfect in cross wind your put it 2000 when at 120 knots and your taking off perfect I hope I can see players taking off like me

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Is this good practice though?


Sorry, can you make this more grammatically correct? I don’t really get it ;)


It is very unrealistic to use autopilot to takeoff, also takeoff is very easy. Line up with the centreline throttle to N1 55% and at about 40kts set takeoff thrust throttle 80% reach Vr and rotate. Pitch the nose to 5 degrees then slowly increase to 15 degrees, pull the gear up after achieving a positive rate and at 1250 AGL engage autopilot. If you are having trouble staying lined up with the centerline turn off yoke and rudder coupling and use your rudder to keep you aligned.


That’s some very unsound advice right there.


Just don’t take off with Autopliot


Not gonna lie, when I started flying on IF, I used AP to takeoff and land.


Taking off with auto-pilot often causes crashes, as they begin to roll from the locked-in heading. Also, your advice is very un-useful, as some planes require 145kts to take off, and some require 80. Also, some planes climb at 1000ft/m under 10000ft, and some climb at 3500ft/m.

My advice is to search up on google your V1, VR & V2 speeds, and climb rate for the aircraft you plan on flying, and use the rudder to stay in the middle of the runway.

Know your plane before you use auto pilot to take off.

Yes it is I always take off with it it doesn’t tail strike eather

Hello auto pilot will make anyone’s takeoffs realistic just get up to 120
knots and put 2000 on v.s

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Ok but it will help if players want to use it or not

Using autopilot will definitely not make anyone’s take off “realistic”.


People often use the term “degrees” but how do I know how many degrees I’m pitching at?

Learn how to read the hud


My device is Amazon fire tablet

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when I see people on expert taking off with autopilot, i instantly cringe


I heard that if you take off with autopilot, you don’t earn a lot of XP’s. This is the same for landing with autopilot.

Guys, newbies etc etc, don’t use auto pilot for takeoff. If there is a crosswind about 3knts, then autopilot will make one of the wings dip, which could lead to a wing strike.
Remember: this is a mobile simulator, which means it’s meant to imitate real life, and if it’s imitating real life, you should imitate the pilots and their proper procedures. If your having trouble taking off, then practise. If you don’t want to, then this isn’t the game for you.