Auto pilot off

autopilot disabled problem

any more users have the same problem as me? the plane dives and can not control

Can we get some more information such as:

  • Device

  • IF version

Also, did it disengage without your command? Are you sure you didn’t hit the autopilot button when you meant to press something else?

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@Josmar Make sure to hold the device in the correct position and press calibrate. It should stop your aircraft from diving down. Please use at least 20% positive trim when on final approach.

The reason behind this from happening was the calibration of your device. Use the above tip to maintain position.


My device is Lenovo K6 vine
It happens when I’m landing

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Okay, when switching off AP, calibrate your device immediately. The nose will pitch downwards if you don’t.

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Hi does this happen when your landing if yes try using positive trim adding to what others say calibrate your device

Understand trim (youtube video)

@Josmar just for the sake of interest, what aircraft were you using for your final approach?

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DC 11 Varig Log

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Here you go ;) The tutorial I linked above explains landing this aircraft pretty well.

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