Auto pilot malfunction

Auto pilot puts me in nose dive when I change altitude

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Hello and welcome to the IFC! When changing altitudes, what I feel in best is to change VS is 100 ft/min intervals so the nose doesn’t shoot up or down

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Were you cruising flat before you adjusted your altitude, or were you in a steep climb or descent, and then change it to the opposite direction? If, for example, going +2,000 vs while climbing, then you randomly switch to an altitude below what you were at, it will replicate the vs in an opposite direction, so it would very quickly change to -2,000 vs, almost resulting in a dive like motion.

Are you turning off AP or setting VS by mistake?
When you change AP altitude, it sets VS to 250 so that shouldn’t happen.

Tbh I probably am turning it off by accident

I will probably start doing that from now on, thanks for the advice :)

I think I was, thanks for letting me know :)

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