Auto pilot issues

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Version Information

20.2 (473)

Device Information

iPad Mini 5
ios 14.0.1


appon setting the ‘VS’ feature the aircraft either violently climbs usually around +6000vs (if set while climbing) and can descend at around -4000vs (if set while descending). In turn this can cause aircraft stall and speed violations.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start flight
  • Rotate and begin climb
  • _at a positive climb set ‘vs’ autopilot

Expected results

Autopilot to engage and hold a steady climb at the current vs when set

Actual results

Autopilot engages and causes the aircraft to violently pitch up.

More Information

_aircraft is usually seriously out of trim apon releasing autopilot and requires aircraft to be put into a large nose down trim or recalibration of device. Find attached link for demonstration…

It is strange that V/S would automatically be set so high (up to 5000ft/m) when you were only climbing at almost 2000 ft/m. That shouldn’t happen.

Having said that, I’d avoid engaging A/P so early after takeoff. Wait until you’ve stabilized your climb manually (proper speed and V/S, both stable), then engage A/P, and see if this keeps happening.

Able to repro, though in recent build it seems to be less violent
iPhone 6s
iOS 13. 6

This issue has been discovered and there is no need to duplicate this.

See my replies in that linked topic, I need more information to repro/fix/