Auto Pilot issue

When I use the auto pilot(with nav mode) and get to cruseing altitude. The vertical speed goes crazy and eventually I stall.

NAV mode only handles heading. You are in control of your vertical speed at all times.Are you using AP for VS and Alt or just VS? At some point without an ALT stop point you will stall due to the height you are at.

Do you have a video of what is happening?

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Yes but I’m don’t know how to copy and paste it

You have to upload it to youtube or something and then paste the link in here.

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I’ll just take a screenshot of it

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turn it off and back on

My cruseing altitude is 22,000 ft

That shows me nothing. I need the HUD view.

Just looking at the pictures your climb is way to steep for the altitude you’re at. What is happening is you’re likely slamming down to the set AP altitude because your vertical speed must be reduced so much by the time you get to the set altitude. Try a more steady climb!

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I did with another flight and the same thing happened

What is your vertical speed? What is your actual speed as well?

2,200 vs on my top of climb

Okay, thanks. We did have some issues like this with the Airbus 320 series during beta. We’ll investigate further. Thanks for the report!



Ok thank you also btw the same thing happened with the a340 and the a380 for me

You’re climbing far too fast at a low speed and high altitude. At that altitude you should be between 260-290kts and 2000-2500fpm.

This should help quite a bit :)

You are going too slow.

Try 240kts up to 10k feet. Then 300 from 10k to 26000. Once you reach cruising you may need to back it down to 250-60 or so depending on your altitude so you are not speeding.


If it’s happening with those as well then this is pilot error, likely related to the speed, altitude and vertical speed I’ve just addressed.

Ok thanks for the tips:)

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