Auto Pilot Flight Issue

Recently when playing IF I have been experiencing issues with the auto pilot. After making a change in my heading the auto pilot will rock my plane back and forth and take a steep dive. This has occurred while I am using the 777-200ER while climing at anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 feet per minute. Is this a speed issue, a bug, or am I engaging auto pilot too early?

Hi, can you please name your device, device OS and IF version?

Your plane may have been stalling. What was the speed and weight settings while facing the issue?

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Make sure you are above 230knots and not overweight


I think this has been reported when your speed is too low, try to redo this bug but increase your speed. Screenshots will help if that’s possible, and also device OS and software.

Thank you!


Like as said above - it’s most likely that your speed is too low - increase it slightly then engage

This was recently discussed in this thread here

To add on to the solution make sure your aircraft has adequate speed at the altitude you are at. This sometimes requires you to decrease your VS to somewhere around 1500-2000 at higher altitudes.

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How are you setting the climb rate?

Are you setting only the rate or are you setting an altitude while at the desired climb rate?

Is the altitude you select above your current altitude if the latter?

There are some more details needed here.

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What exactly are you pressing? Give us the order of what to press on to recreate the issue.

Simply changing the heading shouldn’t do it. But if you set the heading and then turn on auto pilot your plane can freak out especially if you are climbing.


Just like what people said above, your speed might be to low.

Also another problem you might have is you are making rapid changes in your ap. Don’t set the altitude after you engage the V/S. Engage the altitude and then the V/S.

You might want to check the speed and aircraft’s weight. As these two also contributes to the problem 😉

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That happened to me in a 737-700 flying over the Caribbean!

Everyone on this forum is willing and able to help you out with these issues. As stated above. If you have trouble, it really helps if you include screenshots. If you are climbing at 2500 fpm and your speed is too low, the plane will stall. From my experience, the plane will rock left and right before taking a nose dive as you are losing lift. The 777 is a heavy aircraft. Welcome to the forum 😃