Auto pilot Error

I was at 36000 and winds 81 knots

Also what aircraft and was there tailwind?

A321 and tbh I can’t remember

Well from the info I’m getting either your finger slipped to Mach .87 (which is in the violation zone), or you were configured improperly.

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Send a screenshot at least?

It didn’t I’m trying to figure out how to send it, you’ll be shocked yourself.

Well .86m is fast for an A321… I just need some visuals to see what rly happened

Today the same thing happened to me going from RCTP-EDDF, I was just monitoring the flight when I missed the warning and since it did not allow me to reduce it, I left the flight … I was at my cruising altitude of FL330 and at 0.85kts, sorry for my english, my language is spanish

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@Fly_FASHERASO Was there a lot of tailwind?

Ok great I got it to upload

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Go watch guys

Did you give the link yet?

the wind when I saw it I think it was 30kts crosswind

Hmm… can you also upload your replay?

Now I’m on a flight, I’ll do it when I’m done

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Can you guy see the replay

No you need to send the link…


That’s not a link…

You need to send the website