Auto pilot Error

the wind when I saw it I think it was 30kts crosswind

Hmm… can you also upload your replay?

Now I’m on a flight, I’ll do it when I’m done

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Can you guy see the replay

No you need to send the link…


That’s not a link…

You need to send the website

I’m viewing it now

Ok great thanks mehnn

Ok from what I saw you are cruising to fast, you were right on the edge and some turbulence pushed you in to the violations zone. Though if you feel this was a glitch you can contact @appeals.
Also typical cruising for the A320 family is Mach .80.

I would suggest cruising slower.

I hope you have a great rest of the day!

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Ok that’s the first tome I’ve experienced that in infinite flight.

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This is a learning curve for you - never cruise close to the red line as a gust of wind or turbulence will send you over.

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It’s actually even M0.78. :)

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Mistype! Thanks for noticing 👍

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All good, thanks for helping with the original issue!

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turbulence shouldnt do anything to it if you have autopilot on during cruise, I usually cruise at top speeds.

We’ll autopilot tries to compensate but before it’s too late, OP was cruising just 1knot below violation speed, and a gust of wind blew him into the violation or losing fuel caused the engine power to be too much for the current setting blasting him 1knot further.

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oh 1kt, Ya stay at least 10-20 knots away from the top speed at the most.

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