Auto pilot Error

My speed increased dramatically, causing me to get a violation while I had it on auto pilot.

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Could you share more info? Speed, weight, altitude?

You can share your replay here:

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I will after I land.

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What did A/P set your speed to?

You should be under 260kts below FL100

@Jacob4422 said he’ll give the info after he lands…

I’m about to land

Do you have and email I can send it to?

You can just upload it to, and post the link here for others to view as well!

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It’s saying file is zero bytes

Did you end the flight correctly? it sounds like the file is corrupted

Yh I did end it correctly

Ok… i don’t know about replay file sizes and stuff like that… maybe another person can answer that?

Isn’t there an email I can send it to.

No… You should send it through that’s so everyone can view it.

Okay but it’s not working

Ok… what was your speed set in the A/P?

It was set at 86

And 86knots or .86mach?

I was cruising at Mach 86

What is your altitude and also what’s your winds please?