Auto Pilot Enables with Manually set Parameters

Currently, when you turn on Auto-Pilot, it goes to the current settings your airplane is in. For example, if you turn on the heading part of the auto pilot, it will be set to the current heading you have.

I was wondering if there was any way to be able to pre-set the autopilot so when you turn it on, it goes to the settings that you already entered for it. For example, if you enter heading 255 but you’re flying at heading 099, when you turn in the auto pilot it would turn to 255. This would be so helpful. Right now, you have to turn it on and then set the settings you want, which is an inconvenience.

If this isn’t possible, they should add the option in the next update.


That’s LNAV. You can do it with Live Flight Connect.

I have no clue what that is.

Device, operating system version, IF version? That information is necessary.

Not a bug. He’s asking if the heading autopilot could turn for the next heading by itself.

I used heading as an example, I want the entire autopilot system to do this, not just the heading!

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I think that is impossible…I think you have to turn the plane manually. Sorry, I thought it was a bug.

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I have a Apple iMac so I can’t use any of the cool features of live flight connect other then use a joystick :(


Well, what you want, the autopilot turning the aircraft by itself, is called LNAV, and currently IF doesn’t have it. Check the link I have to @buzzlightyear for more information.

The aircraft can follow the track with Live Flight Connect.

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I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m asking. I am NOT asking for the autopilot to turn the aircraft by itself, I am asking that instead of the autopilot going to the settings that the aircraft is currently in, that it goes to the settings that you have pre-set. If i pre-set a vertical speed of 2000 FPM but I’m going at a verticle speed of 1000 FPM, instead of the autopilot staying at that when I turn it on, if I already put in 2000 FPM before turning on the autopilot, then the auto pilot should go to 2000 FPM.

I got confused with the heading example :/ . I don’t know if that can be done, nor I don’t know if that’s a real life thing.

It’s a hard question to word. In short, I want to pre-configure autopilot before takeoff so when I turn it on in flight it goes to the settings that I have pre-configured.

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Isn’t this a request rather than a support issue?

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I’m confused…

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Kind of, I feel like it might already be possible.

Read my short and sweet explanation

Nope, not currently possible. I’ve put this as a request and attempted to name the title as well as I could (couldn’t think of how to word it). Nice request though, I’d like to see this (:


So this post begun as a support topic…and now it seems that it was understood as a feature request, so that is what is now. Btw. your request is currently impossible to do, I think you should control the plane manually.

Sorry I’m new to the forums, still not sure of what goes where.

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