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Yesterday I was flying from Frankfurt to Dallas on expert server. I went away for 30 min, when I came back I had received 5 violations due to an Auto Pilot bug, I watched the replay and it turns out that my aircraft started spinning and doing aerobatic maneuvers. For that reason I can’t fly Expert for a month!
I hope IF fix this bug, and if there’s someone that can help me please reply to this message.


If you really think that the game is at fault, please message any of the moderators with your replay as proof and they’d be happy to remove that violation if the bug is evident :)

Violations do not restrict for a month.

Were you climbing?

Can you share your replay? 99% of the time the issue is due to your VS or trying to climb too high while too heavy. This is why the best advice is to wait until you are stable before leaving the device unattended.

Sorry to hear about the violation, it is always disappointing to get one, especially when it is a surprise. With that said, I can’t recommend strongly enough that everyone in this type of situation do the following:

  1. Watch your flight replay: this may provide clues as to what happened, help you diagnose the situation, and determine whether this was pilot error or truly an app malfunction

  2. Read this post about violations and when / how to appeal them: Inquiring About Violations

  3. Prepare to share your replay: If after watching your replay and reading the topic above you are confident this is an app malfunction, you can use to get your replay ready to share

  4. Share your concerns with a moderator: Send a PM to a moderator (or create a topic if unable to PM) including a detailed description of what happened (circumstances and type of violation), why you think it is because of an app malfunction vs. pilot error, and the link to your replay

  5. Wait for a response: patiently wait for the issue to be reviewed, acknowledging that the moderator may disagree with your diagnosis that it was an app malfunction, and may point you to #tutorials to learn how to avoid a similar issue in the future

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Were you too heavy for the FL step
Climbing is your friend

I unfortunately got 5 violations not 1 and thanks for the advice !

My aircraft was in the weight limit, so what happend was that I was climbing to FL370 and my speed was
Mach. 0.80, VS was 1900. Then I started slowing down when I reached cruise my Mach was 0.60 then my aircraft stalled and started turning right, moments later auto pilot switch off. And my aircraft started doing flips, because of the position of my phone and that’s how I got the violations.

That’s the problem then. The cruising speed for the A330 is around .84-.85. The A330 is a very big plane so Mach .60 is simply not enough, meaning your IAS would be very extremely low causing you to stall. Try cruising faster at .83-.85 and tell us how it goes then

The reason it would have switched off is because you were outside the flight parameters

This isn’t a bug, it’s simply because you flew too slowly, causing a stall which forced the aircraft out of its parameters causing the autopilot to switch off.

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Climbing at 1900 vs can also cause an issue that high.

Building on what Chris said - in most situations you don’t want to climb faster than 800-1,200 fpm (VS) above FL320. If you need >90-95% N1 to climb you should probably climb more slowly or choose a lower cruise altitude until you burn off fuel weight.

I was flying the A330 mate.

The A330 needs a slow VS when heavy


My mistake, but the A330 is still a big plane and the above still applies

You can’t climb at that vertical speed much above FL180! You’ll run behind the power to weight ratio real fast and your engines will be maxed out…

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Go WAY lower! Above FL240 it’s 1200 above the Mach transition it’s 1000 (or less.)

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I was providing generic advice, but that’s a fantastic resource to get more specific. Thanks for sharing.

While you can usually get away with a fast climb, the A330 and A350 are pretty unforgiving because the max N1 is low

Y’all should take notes of what Mr. Airbus @FBWFTW says.

Climbing with s too high VS is like running a marathon uphill with a 100 lbs back pack.
Step climb to burn off weight (fuel) Don’t go straight up to cruise on long haul.

Many violations would be avoided if pilots monitor instruments until initial cruise.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏼

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Thanks for the vote of confidence Andre 😉

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