Auto Pilot Auto Trim

Disengaging Auto Pilot on Approach can be devastating in IF as most times the aircraft is incorrectly trimmed. An automated trim feature in the Auto Pilot mode may alleviate the amount of flights we see terminate before the threshold.


Calibrate before you disengage.

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Well, do that, and the AP releases smoothly, and I have a smooth landing every time!

You need the set the elevators to the same position that they are in when disengaging the auto VS. This is achieved by adjusting the trim. For the 737 it is typically around 23%, but varies due to weight and speed.
Only way to pinpoint the exact % is to take a couple minutes of trial and error on solo and making a written or mental note of it once you find it.

Could be…maybe…i hope so…Laura posted a video of AP to Manual flying which we couldn’t noticed due to the smoothness of the transition


Yeah that would be great… the only planes that I’ve mastered the trim in is the a320 family

Before disengaging AP tilt your device toward you to keep the nose up.