Auto pilot and Approach issues

How do I use the approach system? I descend to 2500 and I’m going 200kts when I go into the red triangle and when I switch from NAV to Approach, the airplane either nose up and stalls or it just turns left and right and left and right and then crashes. Also when I want to do a manual landing, when I go to turn off the autopilot, the plane immediately nose dives and crashes. I’ll be perfectly on the glide slope and at the appropriate speed and I go turn the AP off and it nose dives. How do I fix this?

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I usually fly around 160 and then descend to 3000 and then I select the runway I am going to land on and then press appr to let it bring itself in to land. Also make sure your aircraft isn’t too heavy


Before turning off auto pilot recalibrate your device I do this more than one during a flight

  1. For the APPR problem, I think that you are too low or too high which causes the sudden pitch up or down. Here is Mark Denton’s tutorial: Using Autoland (APPR)
  2. The autopilot off problem is just because you should re-calibrate before you turn the AP off. You previous calibration will be in effect and may be different.

Good thing that you asked because we are here to help 😀

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For the A/P disengage, make sure to recalibrate your device before disengaging and for APPR make sure your on the glide slope and on the localiser. If not the plane will bank sharply, stall or dive to correct the position. I believe the IF YouTube channel made a video on this.

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Check the trim before you disingage the AP


Hey everyone. It has been clearly mentioned that the accident aircraft was perfectly in the glide slope.

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This video by Mark is a very good tutorial on using Approach Mode.

This to me just seems like a calibration issue. To fix this all you need to do is go to the main menu and click “calibrate.”

200knts seems a little fast. I ussaly fly approach a 180knts but it really depends on the aircraft. You could try googling a approach speed. Remember appr. doesn’t control speed. That is all up to the pilot.

I’m not sure what you mean by “red triangle?” Could you please clarify?

This is most likely because your not on the glideslope. Once again the video will help with this.

If you have anymore questions feel free to pm me. :)


Sounds like a calibration issue for the manual flying part. Make sure before you disengage auto pilot that you have calibrated your device before disengaging autopilot. You can also use trim, it’s a little bit more advanced, but if you go into solo and practice with the trim, it can be a life saver when you’re on final in a live server. As for auto approach, you are most likely too high or too low. when you’re in the “Red Triangle” look to the right of your screen beside your altitude and you will see a smaller box with a little flashing arrow either at the top at the center or at the bottom. That tells you that you are either (if its at the top) too low, (middle) perfect or (bottom) too high. By looking at that you should be able to determine if you are in the right spot altitude wise.

Mark has also done some very helpful tutorials on these things on youtube!

ils approach tutorial:

APPR Tutorial:

Hope I helped!

Firstly, may I ask what plane that you are flying?

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